Infant Massage has been around for ages.

Learning infant massage is easy and the best thing about it is that I come to you!

My sessions are typically divided into two 45 minute session. The first is a brief history and explanation of the amazing benefits that baby massage will bring to your baby and family. We go over the time and place that massage will be most beneficial for your baby and the types of oils to use or avoid. The first session ends with a demonstration of three different strokes that will best calm and soothe your baby. The second session reviews the first three strokes we learned and expands into the remaining massage techniques. If your baby does get over stimulated at any point in time, it is ok. We can take breaks, reschedule or add on more sessions to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Infant Massage is one of the best things that you can do with your child and for your family. It only takes as little as ten minutes a day to see the benefits of this age old tradition. At Faith N Love we offer a number of massage sessions to fit your child’s growing needs. Your infant can start as early as three months of age and continue through their entire childhood, giving you a perfect way to relax, bond and grow with your child. Prior to three months of age your infant is working so hard to sleep, eat, and take in his or her new world that sometimes massage can be over stimulating. If you are interested in learning massages prior to three months please call for a free consultation and we can talk about the modifications that can be made.

Benefits for Parents & Caregivers

These may promote, or encourage:

  • Parents feel more confident in their ability to read baby’s cues
  • The parent’s ability to soothe and meet baby’s needs
  • A parent’s healthy self-esteem as baby responds, validating their skills and role as parents
  • Increase the parent’s confidence to follow their intuitive sense
  • The release of hormones from the mother to nurture the baby
  • Enhance communication and respect
  • Infant Massage as a family tradition
  • Can be a time for parent and child to communicate in a relaxed and playful manner
  • Special time between father and child
  • Assist older siblings to welcome a new baby to the family through their participation in giving a portion of the massage with appropriate touch/pressure; learning to understand the baby’s needs, and by their receiving an age appropriate massage to decrease incidence of possible jealousy