Infant Massage has been around for ages.

Whether your infant is having trouble sleeping, having painful gas pains, constipation and/ or suffers from colic or reflux there are strokes that you can learn to help soothe your baby and help them (and you) sleep better at night. During your Faith N Love Infant Massage class we will review the benefits of infant massage and tailor the session to best suit you and your baby’s individual needs.

There are many reasons infant massage is beneficial including a stronger bond with your baby and helping reinforce attachment to other family members. If you are struggling with or just want to continue to build a strong attachment with your baby, infant massage is a great tool. Read my story to find out how Infant Massage helped me bond with my son and how it may help you too.

Check out all the benefits of Infant Massage!

Benefits for Baby

These may promote, or encourage:

  • Faster weight gain
  • Improve cardiac and respiratory output
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Release of hormones for food absorption and digestion
  • Skin stimulation
  • Improvement of muscle tone
  • Enhanced neurological development
  • Improvement of sensory awareness
  • Provide a special communication/development of non-verbal communication
  • Promotes self-esteem and respect


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