baby massage

Faith N Love is proud to offer a number of different infant massage packages to be sure you are able to find one that will fit you and your family. Our massage menu has many options including classes for pregnant women who want to get a head start learning, newborn massage, growing toddler massage and a class specialized for dads who want this experience! Take a look at the different packages and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t forget to download the coupon and find out how you can go home with a personalized bottle of massage oil today!

“I’m Pregnant”


45 min/$65

If you are pregnant and want to get a head start learning infant massage before the baby is born, this class is for you! Have any friends that are also pregnant or looking for a fun activity for your baby shower, try this class! Call for group rates.

“Baby and Me”

Two 45 min/$90

My most popular class! Learn how to do infant massage in the comfort of your own home. Learn the benefits and head to toe instruction to help calm nurture and bond with your baby. Ages 3-12 months.

“Tots and Me”

Two 45 min/$90

This class is best for the growing baby. Learn how to continue to massage your child as they grow, with new strokes and activities to encourage development. Ages 1-3 year old.

“Dads Rock”

45 min/$65

This one is especially for dads! Experience fun ways to play  with your baby or child, while learning the benefits and importance of bonding through massage and exercise. Ages newborn to 3 years old.



Best deal! Choose from Baby and Me or Tots and Me class. You will also receive a personalized bottle of massage oil and a stroke book to take with you to help you remember what you have learned!