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testimonial_ashley_navarrette-sanchez“Around the time my daughter was over 3 months, Lori came by and demonstrated with us infant massage. She thoroughly explained techniques,
their purpose, and the do’s and don’ts in a way we could easily understand
and by the end of the lesson I felt very comfortable doing it on my own.
I’ve found that when I don’t know what to do; my baby has been fed and
changed, but just won’t calm down, I have implemented the belly massage
thinking, “maybe it’s a belly ache,” and within seconds she’ll calm down and
relax. It truly is amazing what a little motherly touch can do for your
little bundle of joy!”

– Ashley Navarrette-Sanchez


lexi_testimonial“When my new baby Sara was about 4 months old she came down with acid reflux which made her very uncomfortable. Lori came by and explained the benefits of infant massage which she then introduced my husband and I to. She took her time showing us the steps and making sure Sara was comfortable every step of the way. After just one session with Lori I felt confident in my ability to soothe her with massage on my own. It made Sara feel better which made me feel better. Thanks Lori you rock!”

– Season Alexis